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Our Private Membership Group lies outside the public jurisdiction of the regulatory agencies that are ruining Society, Government and People’s Lives today. We function in the PRIVATE REALM and, as such, we have the FREEDOM, (the 'Old-Fashioned' Kind), to share our latest discoveries and Solutions with other Private Members. In short, we're where we can exercise our God-given Rights of Free Association, Assembly & Expression!

We find & share the 'work-around' answers to the problems created by the same agencies that created the original problems in the first place. They seek to rob your freedoms, we find ways to hold on to those Freedoms instead.

Quietly. Privately. Effectively, and, Yes, even . . .


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So, Just What's In The ‘Seize This Book’ Course?

Your Next Level Beyond Just Survival!

Your $37 membership gift donation will allow you to discover how to operate in the up and coming ‘Alternative Parallel Economy’.

Beyond The Reach of Corporate Autocrats and Politicians

What Will Keep On Working When the ‘System’ Breaks Down?

We’ve Specialized ourselves in finding solutions to questions like the one above over the last 50 plus years. That's Half-a-Century Folks! Few there are who can match it. That's a long time to learn our craft and, we've picked up some real secrets along the way I'd love to share with our Members, privately.

Most of that time was spent in the Financial arena where we uncovered new ways of approaching the markets with unique and innovative trading methods to outwit the Banks, Investment Houses and Funds and their heavy market manipulations.

But, we never confined ourselves to just that area. As I said earlier, we’re problem solvers and puzzle fixers. We’ve kept accumulationg contacts and obscure discoveries in everything from how to keep Good Health, how to help the body repair and restore itself naturally as well as the ins and outs of getting around annoying and costly regulators and commerce restricting government types.

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You already know that it’s a real maze out there in the world, and, for just a $37 dollar Membership Gift Contribution (as a Private Association, we're 100% supported by our Private Members), we’ll be able to show you some largely unknown short-cuts through these mazes that will make your life a whole lot easier and less stressful. Many are listed in the 'Seize This Book' Course!

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Remember: Noah Built His Boat BEFORE It Rained!

There’s a Lesson in That for Us to Heed!

You don’t want to be left scrambling around trying to work out how to make things keep working for you when the problem has already arrived!

The Home of Hard Facts AND Solid Solutions With . . .

. . . No Kind Words for Our Enemies

This book is not for the weak or complacent. I address the issues at hand or coming in the near future, but, give you Solutions instead of fear which is so common today in the alternative media. Information that gives HOPE that prompts ACTION.

I want you to, not only Survive, but to Prosper Greatly.

Your Success makes our mutual enemies weep in despair.

Good! Now, It’s their turn!!

                 Turn The Tables on the Banking Elites!

                   It Not Only Feels Right, . . . It's Biblical!

Thank you for taking the time to read this modest presentation. I promise that you’ll find an abundance of super-valuable information within your Member's copy of the Prosperity Book such as, . . .

Introduction: Why Survival is Just Not Enough

Nature’s Law: Growth

Don’t Just Settle; Settle For More!

The first Step: Protecting What You Already Have

How To Grow: Multiply What You Have

It’s Biblical: Be Prosperous, Make Your Capital Grow

What’s Happening: The War On Your Wealth

The Big Question: Who’s The Enemy Here?

Enemy Plans For You and Your Family

Define The Problem: Find The Solution

The Source Problem: The Money System

The Threat: A War On Cash, Privacy & Property

One of the Sources of Our Deception: The Media

Steps to Solutions: Secrets to Winning the War on Wealth

The Solution: Use the System to Bypass the System!

Corporations: Bypassing Those Who Would Be Our Masters

Buying & Selling: What Survives Any System Collapse

Control: Protection in A Cashless System

Digital Money: A New Form of Exchange

Trusts: Anonymity For Your Wealth From The System

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There are more ways to get things done than the 'Experts' will ever tell you!

We haven't held anything back! Here's the plain Truth about our present times, and, more importantly, how to successfully, (and, safely), dodge the obstacles ahead and, even Profit from those moves!

Using these Secrets, you'll be taking the right steps from day 1. And you won't only succeed in building your Wealth quickly and effectively, but also avoid the pitfalls and traps that have been set for the masses of Humanity.

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This Priceless information about the New Alternative Economy is now available FREE from our Private Association with your Annual Membership Gift Donation of only $37 dollars.

My Gift Donation is my signature & acceptance of Membership Terms

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